Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early Impressions of Accra from Leah

I’ve been super busy ever since we go here. This morning we had a lecture about African history, learned some twi and then got to go hang out in Osu for a few hours. Osu was great, I love it here, absolutely love it. The area reminded me a lot of San Isidro but a million times hotter. So I kinda feel at home here already. I went off an explored the area with two other people on our own, which was really cool because we got to go check out some of the neighborhoods off the main strip. As soon as you leave the traffic its nice and slow and peaceful even though you’re in the middle of a big city. Everyone we met was just really friendly and nice, so I just loved it. Even with the heat. But it's so hot here that its almost unbearable. You’re just completely soaked through with sweat that even the tinyest breeze will cool you off.

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